Reflections in the Dust (2019) 6.211

film Reflections in the Dust (2019) Full HD Bluray merupakan film populer yang dibuat di negara ID pada tanggal 2019-03-07 diperankan oleh beberapa artis ternama yaitu , sutradara dari film ini ialah film ini mengusung genre , untuk durasinya berkisar antara 75 menit dengan kualitas tinggi anda bisa memilihnya 360p 480p bahkan sampai 720p sehingga sangat menghibur untuk ditonton bersama keluarga

“I don’t believe in love because I’ve never seen it,” responds a young woman to an unseen interviewer in the first few minutes of the movie. This bleak portrait of loneliness and social exclusion is set on the edge of a desolate swamp where an aging clown and his daughter are struggling to survive. The location could be the end of the world, a place where hope has vanished along with a belief in the afterlife and the existence of God. The two unfortunates live together without the likelihood of change, as fear, aggression, and anger take hold of them – but they also experience sudden moments of tenderness.

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Duration: 75 Min


Release Date: 2019-03-07